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Power Supply Update August 2022

From August 2022 we will be shipping the REQ with an updated power supply. The linear power transformer has been replaced with 2x switching power supply modules (+/- 33V) that feed into the same linear power regulators of the original design . We have spent quite a bit of mind time and prototype fiddling to make sure the new power system is well filtered and quiet. The advantages of the new design are less noise, less heat, and the mains input is now universal 100V to 240V ac. Older REQ's can be upgraded with this power supply option, but it will need to be installed by a competent technician as significant wiring and mechanical changes need to be made. Please contact us to discuss installing this option.

Choke Sheilding Upgrade December 2011

Some users of the REQ-2.2 have reported problems with the pick up of hum and buzz from adjacent equipment. In response to this we have finally managed to re-design the chokes used in the REQ so that local mu-metal sheilding can be fitted. (Previously this would have meant very expensive tooling to produce custom mu-metal cans). These shields, along with the existing steel shields on the circuit boards greatly improve the REQ resistance to outside magnetic fields.

Unfortunately, existing units cannot easily be upgraded in the field, but we are offering owners a service whereby you can remove and return your band cards to us for refurbishment. (This keeps freight costs down by not having to return the whole unit). We will refurbish, test and return the cards for a modest fee to cover parts cost.

Alternatively, we will have available one or two sets of cards that will be on rotation, this means you can swap the cards yourself and return the old ones to us which we will upgrade, test and send onto the next person. You might have to join a queue for this.

Note that only the Low Band, Low and High Mid Band cards need modifying as the High Band card is fairly immune to problems. Before sending any cards, please contact us to arrange your upgrade so we can keep the down time to a minimum for you. REQ-2.2 units with serial Q1058 and higher have the mu-metal shields fitted at the factory.

Download Instructions for removing the Band Cards from the REQ (pdf 2.47mB)
Download Instructions for changing over the Steel Covers on the Band Cards (pdf 390kB)
Contact us about obtaining the Choke Shielding Upgrade

Mastering HPF Upgrade August 2010

We are offering users of the REQ-2.2 Mastering version an upgrade to the the High Pass Filter (HPF) section. This upgrade addresses a slight headroom issue at low frequencies when using the 46, 58 and 70Hz positions of the HPF. The upgrade also improves the sound of the HPF section in that it is more transparent. The upgrade involves replacing the two HPF cards in the REQ and is relatively easy to perform with the right hand tools.

Units with serial number Q1037 and higher do not need this upgrade. Users of the REQ-2.2 Recording version also do not need to upgrade, as the HPF in this version is of a different design.

Download the HPF Upgrade Instructions pdf 1.15mB
Contact us about obtaining the Mastering HPF Upgrade

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